About Us




Dharohar works mainly in the eastern part of Gujarat, i.e. tribal belt sharing the head office in Vadodara. Looking after the tribal artisans of eastern Gujarat, mainly migration of Bheel and Rathwa community, to stop that, Dharohar took initiative to promote their craft skill and to provide them sustainable livelihood through art and craft based activates and market with Fair Trade banner. 

The aim is to provide a huge platform to the un- tapped talent of rural women, those who represent the real rural India and the socio-economic development with dignity of women artisans in society. 

Being registered with the Fair Trade Forum of India, Dharohar strives to empower, provide economic independence and self-reliance, building sustainable livelihoods for art and craft communities strongly abide by fair trade principles. When the entire world is driven by aspiration for profit, Dharohar strives to be diverse, which is the reason why it has joined the social, Fair Trade Movement, making not a few millionaires, but many bread winners. We want to bring smiles to the hardworking women and men artisans.

Our Vision



To protect and promote traditional art and craft to keep India's legacy alive. We intent to empower and revive rural tribal women artisans through training ,design development and marketing support for their art and craft forms followed by FAIR TRADE PRINCIPLES. This will lead to income generation and sustainable development of craft community.

Our mission



  • is to empower rural artisans especially targeting hidden and undiscovered women artisans.
  • providing home-based art and craft activities to curb the migration of the talented artisans 
  • to provide eco-friendly art and craft products to the world manifesting the unique and beautiful talent of the Eastern part of Gujarat of India. Thus, preserving and safeguarding the rich cultural heritage of India.