Community Development programme



Our definition of capacity building includes all those activities which strengthens the knowledge, abilities and behaviour of not only an Individual but also to improve the institutional and social framework of our country. All this in a way that allows us to effectively meet our goal of creating a sustainable livelihood to our craft communities. Through skill based training programmess, we aim to develop conditions that would allow participants to build and enhance their knowledge & skills and engage themselves in continuous learning and earning process without being exploited.. Dharohar’s capacity building activities includes skill development, knowledge sharing, design innovation programmes and workshops for marketing support, etc. These activities are designed to promote self-sufficiency, self-reliance and economic independence among women belonging to the lower strata of society.

Research and Design Development



Our dedication towards continuous upgrading is backed by extensive research into innovative techniques and designs within the craft sector. This is essential for the ongoing development of skilled craftspeople and all those who are engaged with this sector. Dharohar works with professionals like NIFT and NID to produce contemporary designs which are in line with demand in national and international markets. We also consider trend board, story board, colour trend board etc and follow advance systems for design development and presentation.

It has been set up with the aim to upgrade artisans into master craftsman and from master to designer.igner.

Business Development Services



Dharohar endeavours towards bridging the gap between the producers and buyers of art and craft products and this requires a significant amount of resources. Through our business development services we provide a common platform for finished productss of the art and craft community.  Dharohar organizes many exhibitions at local, National  as well as International levels. It’s products have been receiving a very great response from the buyers. It also holds  an export license  under which it exports products based on order received.