Skill Identification



Identification of the skills of the tribal artisans is the core programme of Dharohar.It reaches to the interior of the villages and finds the skills of the untapped people and motivate them to do some activities for their livelihood and   

through various activities, we help tribal artisans to create a proper work flow starting from conceptualizing to creation, and selling of arts and craft products.

Skill Development



 Our dedication towards continuous upgrading is backed by extensive research into innovative techniques and designs within the craft sector. This is essential for the ongoing development of skilled craftspeople and all those who are engaged with this sector. Dharohar works with professionals like NIFT and NID to produce designs according to the current demand to meet the fashion trends with traditional touch in the market.

Craft Training


Dharohar believes in keeping pace with the ever changing era of fashion and technology. We provide various kinds of training to slum and tribal women, in particular that would support not only  their livelihood but also  keep them abreast with the changing tastes and preferences of art & craft lovers. 



 Dharohar is providing the income generation opportunity to the rural women artisans of the rural villages of Gujarat. So that the phrase ‘women empowerment’ does have a meaningful existence in the lives of the rural women artisans. Also the talented men gets chance to channelize their strength in the earning learning process .



 Dharohar is providing the platform to the artisans and display their products to national and international market without exploitation. For that purpose we have registered our organization with ‘Fair Trade Forum of India’, to bring the market and customers at the door step of our producers

Independent Identity


 In this era of Technology, Women artisans are getting the independent identity  through art and craft based activities. They are earning and learning in their own home environment, thus providing economic freedom to themselves but to the whole family as well. And creating their name in the society where earlier men were dominating