Saathi Project


 Dharohar under Saathi programme tries to provide  employment opportunities to the women who are  living in slums of Vadodara.This Project is initiated so that the women can live with dignity in their families as well as in society.

Setu Programme


 Under the SETU Programme,our organization has built  toilets for the families who are living  in the slums. Afsana,  is one of those women, who has got benefit of this programme.

Anti Tobacco camping



Dharohar has  initiated an  anti tobacco campaign in villages and also in the slums of Vadodara. Our organization educates about the menace of Tobacco on the health of the people.

Education, Health and Hygiene


 Dharohar is making aware the community about the benefits of Education, health and hygiene, especially females regarding health and hygiene. As, our organisation firmly believes in the saying, “ if  a family is to be educated, then the woman of the family should be the first one to be educated as she takes care of health and hygiene of the whole family”.

Women Empowerment


Our organisations main motto is ‘WOMEN EMPOWERMENT’.  We believe that if a girl is educated and self-reliant, then they can uplift their families and contribute in the upliftment of the society. Dharohar mainly focuses on the education of the  girl child, health and skill development; so that, they can live with self respect and dignity in society   

Sharing is Caring



Dharohar, in collaboration with different corporate sectors, people and organisations share the books, food, clothes in the slum as we believe in the phrase ‘sharing is caring.’